Water condensation can find its way into valves and controls

Water can freeze, cause erosion, start bacterial growth and even form clogs

Rust and hydraulic locking in air lines and valves may occur, causes premature failure of air system

The importance of using dry air

Air is 70% nitrogen, 29% oxygen and 1% other gasses. It also includes impurities such as dirt, oil and water vapor.

Upon compression, water vapor will condense, mix with dirt and oil and can form an abrasive, often acidic, oily sludge.

Without air treatment, this murky mix will enter your compressed air system, corroding pipe work, damaging pneumatic tools & instrumentation and worst, compromise end product.

Eliminate risk. Use our portable air dryers, aftercoolers, filters and treatment equipment!

  • Perfectly sized for portable air compressors
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While air can be compressed into a smaller space, the amount of water vapor contained in the air remains the same raising the dew point. Dew point is the minimum temperature reached without condensation. It can be measured as atmospheric or at pressure

Remaining water graph